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#DreamwithLS - LS X Inkten

With the launch of #LS X Inkten collection, we got to know the artist better, beyond her gorgeous artworks. Our #dreamwithLS campaign supports aspiring, budding artists and for the first time, we're so honoured to work together with Inkten on a series of both collaborative and original artwork (Originals by Inkten) created exclusively for us. About Inkten; Inkten’s work takes on an analytical perspective on her view into the future of mark-making. She pushes and reconstructs the narrative of urban art-making into an immersive world of transcendent structures, patterns, and geometry. A good friend of our co founder Lully, Inkten has worked with well renowned brands and clients such as Google, Saatchi&Saatchi, Hogarth, National Arts Council, and Mercedes Benz. Inkten is also...

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#lullyslist | Dream with LS: Ocean G.

Our third and last dreamer for this season is Ocean G. She is a graphic designer who enjoys painting with ink (me too)! We were both inspired by Wu Guanzhong who has Western and Eastern influences in his Chinese painting. You can see his works here.  Fun fact: Ocean's father won the bid to construct our Wisma Geylang!  It's only natural that her likings for architecture was the main inspiration for the Pinnacle shawl. Ocean painted one of her favourite sightings of these building with cranes. The linear structure of Pinnacle Journey and diagonal lines of the cranes was achieved by printing lines. Drawing these lines would give an entirely different look.  Between the printed lines are other mark making layers for...

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#selbsseries | My Personal Dreams

Hey #Lullyselbsquad,  It’s been almost a month since we launched our #DreamwithLS collection, a new collaboration line where we support other women artists and make their dreams come true. I am so happy that Lully Selb has now become a brand that empowers other individuals and we're definitely working towards building our own community of creators. Speaking of dreams, I have been struggling with penning down what I really want to achieve on a personal level.  When I was just graduating, I always thought I will be a career women in the fashion industry, traveling the world and attending all the glamorous shows. Marriage and family was something I thought would just come naturally and fit into my personal goal equation....

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#lullyslist : Dream with LS: Art Sam

Introducing the second dreamer, someone I once shared our art teaching journey with; Art Sam. Wait, just remembered we were also studio mates in LASALLE. I've always seen Art using mixed media in her paintings. She gathers found objects like wood and materials like twine and bubble wraps which she used for Balik Kampung shawl. The Kampung featured in this shawl is Kampung Lorong Fatimah located near the Woodlands causeway. It was until 1989 that it was demolished to make way for the expansion of Woodlands Checkpoint.   While growing up, I never had the chance to experience living in a kampung. What I see on tv and pictures of friends visiting their relatives made me curious of what it would...

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#lullyslist | Dream with LS : Sarah Teng

I'm back on the blog to share with you our thought process with 3 brand new artists for our second cycle of #DreamwithLS. Lully Selb believes in challenging the status quo and expressing our unique individuality. We are always proud to feature our collaborating artists as this campaign brings us closer to our local creative community; no matter what craft the artists specialise in. Through the exposure on our platform and our expertise, they are able to foresee the exciting possibilities of where their craft can go (like on a shawl for a start!) at zero risk as all production costs are absorbed by us. The artists get to earn royalty fees too! However, being a creative myself, it's important...

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