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#lullyslist | Dream with LS: Ocean G.

Our third and last dreamer for this season is Ocean G. She is a graphic designer who enjoys painting with ink (me too...

#selbsseries | My Personal Dreams

Hey #Lullyselbsquad,  It’s been almost a month since we launched our #DreamwithLS collection, a new collaboration lin...

#lullyslist : Dream with LS: Art Sam

Introducing the second dreamer, someone I once shared our art teaching journey with; Art Sam. Wait, just remembered w...

#lullyslist | Dream with LS : Sarah Teng

I'm back on the blog to share with you our thought process with 3 brand new artists for our second cycle of #Dreamwit...

#lullyslist | Creative Retreat

It's February already?! It seems like it was only a few days ago that I went to Jogjakarta for a creative retreat. I ...

#Selbsseries | Lully Selb Squad Interview

I’m super excited for #DreamwithLS because to me being a creative in Singapore is such a struggle. Many of us wish t...

#LullysList | Dream with LS

Sometime three years ago, I remember vividly prior to donning the hijab; I wanted to design prints on shawls. It's an...
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