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#Selbsseries | My Baby No 3 Natural Birth

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last blogpost and here I am typing this in between managing my 3 kids. The last 2 months have been really interesting and exhausting transiting from a mother of 2 to 3. Every single day passes even faster and by the time they all get to bed, I find myself just zoning out, scrolling mindlessly on Instagram. I'm officially back at running Lully Selb so reviving this blog page with my overdue birth story.  My given EDD (estimated delivery date) was 22 March. Many around me had warned that baby no 3 could come earlier and faster and given my previous super fast labour that happened at the void deck, I was paranoid...

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#selbsseries | 2020 Mantra

Since 2017, I’ve been visualising my resolution through words and penning them down as a point of reference.In my first year practising this concept, the word I wrote was BREATHE. When I had that word in mind, I wanted it to remind myself to stay calm and Zen when Im going through something tough. And true enough, I breathed through the year coz I got hit with a very challenging pregnancy. Mommies out there, you would know how important it is to breathe out the pain we go through during pregnancy and labour and that kept me going for 9 months plus.   In 2018, the word I chose was FOCUS. I wanted to focus on 2 things, my newborn as...

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#selbsseries | My Personal Dreams

Hey #Lullyselbsquad,  It’s been almost a month since we launched our #DreamwithLS collection, a new collaboration line where we support other women artists and make their dreams come true. I am so happy that Lully Selb has now become a brand that empowers other individuals and we're definitely working towards building our own community of creators. Speaking of dreams, I have been struggling with penning down what I really want to achieve on a personal level.  When I was just graduating, I always thought I will be a career women in the fashion industry, traveling the world and attending all the glamorous shows. Marriage and family was something I thought would just come naturally and fit into my personal goal equation....

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Selbsseries | Discovering Melbourne with a toddler

Hey guys,  Many of you didn't know I took a short little break (so-not) and followed my husband to Melbourne as he had work. When he asked me to come, I was like, YES. But as soon as the packing started, I questioned myself and regretted a little. Coz travelling with a toddler and exploring the city on your own is really NOT a break.  My husband basically left for work really early and came back late so I practically had to handle Iman on my own. Since Melbourne is quite a common destination, I'll share with you hidden gems I found in the city. 1) FOOD - Royal Stacks Burger! Best burger ever in town and its HALAL.  ...

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