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Hey #Lullyselbsquad, 

It’s been almost a month since we launched our #DreamwithLS collection, a new collaboration line where we support other women artists and make their dreams come true. I am so happy that Lully Selb has now become a brand that empowers other individuals and we're definitely working towards building our own community of creators. Speaking of dreams, I have been struggling with penning down what I really want to achieve on a personal level. 


When I was just graduating, I always thought I will be a career women in the fashion industry, traveling the world and attending all the glamorous shows. Marriage and family was something I thought would just come naturally and fit into my personal goal equation. However, life and fate have surprised me in many ways and brought me to who I am today - a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur (and all my other hats, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a business partner). 

To be honest, when I got married, I did not feel any major shift in my goal setting and personal dreams. It remained the same - Build Lully Selb + be a Good wife. I felt that I still could do both without compromising anything. I remember we travelled a lot during the first year of marriage and everything was good and  happy.


But things really changed when I got pregnant. Initially, I had this vision of how I would be taking care of my baby, do housework, cook and run my business from home. In fact, I had stopped going to co-working spaces, and build an home office just to facilitate my work/life. It’s funny how when I became a mother, there is this strong instinct of wanting to care for my own child. I couldn't see myself putting her in full day infant care while I chased my personal dream. I also wanted to spend as much time with her especially in her early years because I believe a mother who is present is what a baby/toddler need the most. 



 My business was partially affected, but thank god I've got a great partner, Lully and other women in my life, and of course my husband that allowed me to continue building my dream. If you were to ask me now, the first year of motherhood and entrepreneurship was NOT easy at all, and I had to resort to having a helper now. They say it takes a village to raise a kid, and yes I have since started to find that village!

Many of you know by now that I'm going to be expecting Baby no 2, Alhamdulillah. As I was just getting the hang of juggling 1 child, work and life, I am blessed with another new journey. It’s scary because many friends have told me that, going from 1 to 2 will have its own challenges. When my first trimester was so bad that I couldn't  get much work done, I really wanted to give up Lully Selb. I couldn't imagine pulling myself together and ramping up the business all over again. 

Thankfully, my 2nd trimester felt way better and I started to hustle again.  Now that I'm going to 3rd trimester, I have been spending time, writing Lully Selb's 3 year vision and all the action plan for the next 3 months when I'm on maternity break. So exciting to think of new products, campaigns, services and imagine how we're going to evolve over the next few years. I enjoy building dreams, dreaming about them and finally making it a reality. 

At this point, all I really want is to successfully run my business while being a mom at home. I do not think I can forgo any of them as both are as important. What is my definition of success? To have healthy profits so I can help with my family's finances through working efficiently ( 4 hours daily ). Why 4 hours? The rest of the day is for my kids and my family. And of course travel whenever I want to. That’s the ultimate dream! 


While chasing my own dream, I want to call out to all the other dreamers out there who who wish to have their works recognized! We are hoping to feature 1 women artist every month, turn your artwork into a merchandise; be it a shawl, cushion covers or any other products you can think of. Write in to us and tell us your story, show us your works and we'll start somewhere. More details on my older blog post here

lully selb

lully selb

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