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#lullyslist | Markmaking tools

It's the 4th day of Ramadan, how has it been for you? Last Friday I went live on Instagram as part of #stayinwithLS. It was also our first live LS experience where we usually share behind the scenes of how we produce our shawl prints.  The theme was to make an artwork which you can have it displayed on your walls or fridge. During the live, some of the viewers were surprised at how a humble household item can be used to create interesting marks! My favourite tool got to be thread attached to chopstick and cotton buds.   Just look at that loose fluid marks made by the thread. All you have to do is to cut a piece or...

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#lullyslist | LS Postcards

It's towards the end of week of Circuit Breaker here in Singapore. Day by day as new cases rise, rules are getting more stringent. As much as it can be suffocating to stay at home, I feel blessed that I'm safe at home. Of course everyone has different coping mechanisms. I truly hope that everyone is doing their part to ensure that this Circuit Breaker is effective for the next few weeks and we can hear of better news. Check out this insightful article! On a lighter note, I'm sharing with you how I decorated the postcards we recently launched! Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD that will be emailed to you after checking out your cart. Please allow for up...

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#lullyslist | Into the Unknown

About one year ago, I made the decision to go for a creative retreat alone to Jogjakarta. I'm not an avid traveler so this is something new for me. I had my worries but yet looking forward to the trip.  One memorable incident which questioned me about being street smart was when I was on Gojek- the OG of getting a ride on a bike. I was a bit skeptical but my friend assured me it's quite safe and that she will also be making her way soon. I was rather calm until the rider and I couldn't find the exact location of this communal art house! He made a few turns and decided to drop me off nearby the address. ...

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#lullyslist | International Womens Day 2020

It’s that day of the year where the social media feed is full of dedications and appreciation posts to all the lovely women. Juggling life wearing different types of hats, let’s also remember thy self. Days where we are in doubt but just wing it anyway; fulfilling expectations. Let us be kinder to ourselves and look at how much progress we made albeit small steps.  Today, I would like to share with you a group of women who are dedicated to their craft. Those who have inspired me in my creative journey as well as mental wellness.  I chanced upon these two passionate creatives who were in their prime during their era. This is Bridget Riley- a painter and printmaker. The inventor...

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#lullyslist | Good Vibes list

One more week till the end of February and I'm checking my list for any progress I made this month. It's still going alright and I will continue to do my best. In order to do so, I've gathered my Good Vibes Only list.  The Good Life Podcast  I look forward to the podcasts hosted by Mizi Wahid and Nur Adam. They share uplifting stories and some days they invite individuals such as Mizz Nina, Lisa Surihani and Aida Azlin. I enjoy listening to them during my commute.  Dance Videos Here's a fun fact! I used to dance and performed with my friends in secondary school back then. I remember having abs like Beyonce! Gosh, what happened now? Looking at...

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