Our Story

Our Founders, Huda @Lully and Selma @Selb got to know each other through their earlier work where they played an instrumental role in creating experiential art curriculum for children to better express themselves. When they started donning the headscarf, they both shared the same frustrations when shopping for modest wear. The clothes available were too traditional, dainty, feminine and lack the type of aesthetics they would wear.

We believe in challenging the status quo and expressing our unique individuality. Being muslim creatives, we want to break stereotypes on how women should live and dress. The way we do that is by making our clothes modest yet stylish, street-chic for every woman out there who shares the same philosophy.”


Lully Selb was launched in 2015, synergizing the strengths of both co-founders.

Selb has a strong fashion & textiles background which dates back from the time her late grandfather set shores in Singapore & opened up a successful chain of textile stores which are still present along Arab Street today.

Selb graduated with a scholarship in Fashion Design degree in a joint university partnership between NAFA (Singapore) & Huddersfield University (UK). Upon graduation, she spent the first 5 years as a Fashion Stylist in Singapore's leading media broadcasting company - Mediacorp followed by another stint as a fashion buyer for Hong Kong's leading Retailer - Giordano. 

Complimenting Selb’s flair for fashion, Lully, an amazing artist & Fine Arts graduate is the main brain behind producing our incredible prints.


“Although I graduated with fine arts, the moment I left school I realized I should have taken textiles design. I love creating prints, graphics, and visuals, and seeing them on shawls, clothes and perhaps cushion covers and wallpapers,”


Through the brand Lully Selb, the dynamic duo channels their creativity, freedom of expression and their philosophy into wearable, state of the art prints.

Creative Process

With a meticulous approach to producing our original & hand illustrated prints, they draw inspiration from anything that fancies them; from street culture to modern art, nature and lifestyle. Their exploratory nature has led them to create prints in various techniques and mediums. Starting with a medium; like charcoal, ink or paint, they start to create patterns and marks based on the chosen theme. Through this way, their freedom is not restricted, letting their fingers go with the flow.

“Every piece of print is unique on its own because the process of making is always different. We paint, splatter, sketch, ink, drip, sponge, and techniques keep evolving.” 


After going rounds of exploration, the artworks are then converted to digital files which are then further manipulated to create the final print. The shawls and clothing are then digitally printed using high-quality fabrics and latest technology.

“It’s been an intense rollercoaster journey since we’ve launched in 2015 and it is the kind words & overwhelmingly positive responses from customers that keep us going. They mean the world to us.

We’re also very proud to have our shawls being worn by women from diverse backgrounds from various parts of the world: Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Turkey, Qatar & our very own Singapore. It gives us assurance that people from around the world can relate to our brand.

We are indeed a global village now & I hope that our shawls can help bring out that confident, edgy yet classy demeanour that I know deep down, every woman has.