#DreamwithLS - LS X Inkten

With the launch of #LS X Inkten collection, we got to know the artist better, beyond her gorgeous artworks. Our #dreamwithLS campaign supports aspiring, budding artists and for the first time, we're so honoured to work together with Inkten on a series of both collaborative and original artwork (Originals by Inkten) created exclusively for us.


About Inkten;

Inkten’s work takes on an analytical perspective on her view into the future of mark-making. She pushes and reconstructs the narrative of urban art-making into an immersive world of transcendent structures, patterns, and geometry.


A good friend of our co founder Lully, Inkten has worked with well renowned brands and clients such as Google, Saatchi&Saatchi, Hogarth, National Arts Council, and Mercedes Benz. Inkten is also an active speaker who has shared numerous talks at TED, Apple, and Microsoft.



1) How do you feel as a woman artist here in Singapore?

What you choose to allow in your life, is what makes up your tranquility in creating what you feel is right. 

Understand that people grow up with different perspectives and everyone thinks differently. 

Creating art is a way of life. Enjoying what I do is all that matters :)

2) Describe your creative process?

Every drawing and painting created captures a different mood and feeling at that exact point in time. I take the act of sketching with a pencil seriously as it is an act of thinking.

I start my day simply with a pencil and paper. Drawing is indefinitely a way of thinking creatively through processes of inquiries and reflections. 

The rest of my creative process simply just follow through after the sketch is done.


3) What makes you happy?

The simplicity of the mind and being truthful to yourself. 

 4) What's ur main inspiration for Geo Flow Series?

The potential of a white canvas and translating my energy into works of art.  I am constantly inspired by the potential of how I can produce designs and translating them into great emotions.



5) Describe why you chose these color palettes  for the collection

I wanted to bring out the feeling of being bold, hopeful, and confident. Hence the strong colors paired with the really clean and structured lines. I hope that everyone will be able to feel that when dressed in a piece of LullySelb X Inkten. 



Shop the full collection LS X Inkten here. As this is a limited edition collab, we will not be restocking any designs.

Thank you #LSSquad.

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