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#lullyslist | Creative Retreat

It's February already?! It seems like it was only a few days ago that I went to Jogjakarta for a creative retreat. I went alone in search of getting inspired and learning a new craft. It was a fruitful trip!  I met a lot of artists and visited several art studios. The art scene is really vibrant and it seems like most of the artists  dabbled into whatever side hustle that tickles their fancy. I met a painter who runs a printmaking studio, a food researcher who recently taught herself how to DJ and got invited to spin at upcoming art opening.  I was in Jogjakarta for a week and there are tons of images to share regarding my experience!...

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#Selbsseries | Lully Selb Squad Interview

I’m super excited for #DreamwithLS because to me being a creative in Singapore is such a struggle. Many of us wish to turn our passion into a business but realities and society always stop us from doing what we love. Today I hope my blog re-ignite that spark in you. You the artist, the Creative mommy, the designer babe, the cool crafter, the amazing creator. Yes you! Remember that if you want something so badly, get up and go for it. I’m happy that today we make 3 of our artists friends dream come true. I had a chat with them to get to know their inspiration behind these prints.Here’s a little summary about the 3 artists;1) Tell us about yourself and 3 things...

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#LullysList | Dream with LS

Sometime three years ago, I remember vividly prior to donning the hijab; I wanted to design prints on shawls. It's an extension of expressing my art. I graduated with a Honors in Fine Arts. In school, I was trained in painting and I get to choose electives like Fine Art photography, tactile video making and printmaking. There are many forms of printmaking and my favourite got to be silkscreen printing. I love it so much that I wanted to changed my major but I couldn't. As I did more research, I learnt that it's possible and there are many designers who designs prints and make them into wearable pieces, upholstery, wallpaper etc. My love for Textile Printing grew even more....

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