#lullyslist | Dream with LS: Ocean G.

Our third and last dreamer for this season is Ocean G. She is a graphic designer who enjoys painting with ink (me too)! We were both inspired by Wu Guanzhong who has Western and Eastern influences in his Chinese painting. You can see his works here

Fun fact: Ocean's father won the bid to construct our Wisma Geylang!  It's only natural that her likings for architecture was the main inspiration for the Pinnacle shawl. Ocean painted one of her favourite sightings of these building with cranes. The linear structure of Pinnacle Journey and diagonal lines of the cranes was achieved by printing lines. Drawing these lines would give an entirely different look. 

Between the printed lines are other mark making layers for the windows and patterns. These heavy details of Pinnacle was complemented by the shop houses with orange tops at Duxton. Despite the contemporary approach, the amount of practice and experimentation is similar to traditional Chinese painting. It's all about the final perfect strokes. There can never be an 'undo' action; erasing and repainting. 

To make her shawl LS-esque, I added origami Cranes(the birds) at the top of the shawl. I chose cranes because of the man made cranes on top of the buildings. Its like Cranes VS Cranes.

 That's all for now for our 3 dreamers. We are always open to work with new dreamers, reach out to us with your latest paintings, photographs, etc! If you would like to know how it is like to create prints and develop it into a shawl, sign up for our LS Experience workshop! This time it's for mother and child. Fret not, we have another LS Experience workshop for individuals too.

art workshop 

We have only 3 more slots left! Email or DM us on instagram to book your slots OR whatsapp Selb directly at 93852142.



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