#lullyslist : Dream with LS: Art Sam

Introducing the second dreamer, someone I once shared our art teaching journey with; Art Sam. Wait, just remembered we were also studio mates in LASALLE. I've always seen Art using mixed media in her paintings. She gathers found objects like wood and materials like twine and bubble wraps which she used for Balik Kampung shawl. The Kampung featured in this shawl is Kampung Lorong Fatimah located near the Woodlands causeway. It was until 1989 that it was demolished to make way for the expansion of Woodlands Checkpoint.  

While growing up, I never had the chance to experience living in a kampung. What I see on tv and pictures of friends visiting their relatives made me curious of what it would be like if kampung still exists. How will we decorate the interior in todays time. Social life around kampung neighbourhood would be so much fun. I gathered these thoughts and translate them on Balik Kampung shawl. 

 Art used  twine and earthy tones to capture the essence and textures of Kampung Lorong Fatimah.



If you notice closely, you can see crumpled textures, it’s actually cling wrap covering wet paints. There is also daps of paints for the sandy ground. 

Heavily textured, how do I turn this painting into a wearable shawl?  One of the obvious design element on this shawl would be the use of contrasting solid shapes and clean colours. Here are my inspirations.

Contrasting visual elements always work. Support our dreamers by purchasing the latest collection. We are also open to those who would like to be part of #DreamwithLS. Reach out to us with your original creations be it painting, photographs, prints and we shall turn in into a wearable shawl. 

 - Huda Lully


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