#lullyslist | Dream with LS : Sarah Teng

I'm back on the blog to share with you our thought process with 3 brand new artists for our second cycle of #DreamwithLS. Lully Selb believes in challenging the status quo and expressing our unique individuality. We are always proud to feature our collaborating artists as this campaign brings us closer to our local creative community; no matter what craft the artists specialise in. Through the exposure on our platform and our expertise, they are able to foresee the exciting possibilities of where their craft can go (like on a shawl for a start!) at zero risk as all production costs are absorbed by us. The artists get to earn royalty fees too!

However, being a creative myself, it's important that I retain the authentic aesthetic of their artwork while putting LS-esque touches to make the shawl wearable. That's another part of the hard work which can be challenging and I hope it will help you understand the value of every LS shawl we produce.

Our first artist Sarah Teng was one of the brave ones to reach out to us with her beautiful watercolour paintings when we first launched #DreamwithLS! Here are some of her original paintings we used for her Cove shawl. 

Watercolour paintings are done in layers and precise control yet experimenting with the amount of paint and water used. Painting on dry or wet watercolour paper gives a different effect. 

 Adding gold hand drawn details complement the painting and makes it a subtle focus point.

TThe white spots seen here are achieved by sprinkling salt on wet watercolor washes. Within a few hours, the salt absorbed the colours thus leaving white spots which is actually the colour of paper. 

 Here is the shawl design for LS x Sarah Teng titled Cove.

Stay tuned for our interview with her soon!


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