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#lullyslist | Creative Retreat

It's February already?! It seems like it was only a few days ago that I went to Jogjakarta for a creative retreat. I went alone in search of getting inspired and learning a new craft. It was a fruitful trip!  I met a lot of artists and visited several art studios. The art scene is really vibrant and it seems like most of the artists  dabbled into whatever side hustle that tickles their fancy. I met a painter who runs a printmaking studio, a food researcher who recently taught herself how to DJ and got invited to spin at upcoming art opening.  I was in Jogjakarta for a week and there are tons of images to share regarding my experience!...

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#Selbsseries | Collaboration over Competition

Hey guys,  Thank you so so much for the overwhelming support for our latest campaign #LSwithyou. It's really encouraging to know you love the prints done by Sijun and Shalom and we're sure gonna continue this campaign. It's currently out of stock, but if you really want it, pls email or DM us ya. This year we had a few collaborations; one which was showcased at Buckingham Palace, a Take A Pause Workshop we did with Aida Azlin and Asha, working with awesome photographers, videographers, models and other artists. I learnt so much about their artistry and it was really effective when we work in teams rather than doing things solo. If there's one important key take-away from this; I...

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