#lullyslist | Creative Retreat

It's February already?! It seems like it was only a few days ago that I went to Jogjakarta for a creative retreat. I went alone in search of getting inspired and learning a new craft. It was a fruitful trip!  I met a lot of artists and visited several art studios. The art scene is really vibrant and it seems like most of the artists  dabbled into whatever side hustle that tickles their fancy. I met a painter who runs a printmaking studio, a food researcher who recently taught herself how to DJ and got invited to spin at upcoming art opening. 

I was in Jogjakarta for a week and there are tons of images to share regarding my experience! I visited the Borobudur with a local artist friend, dressed up like a local and saved alot on the entrance fee. 

Back at the art district you can find murals at every corner painted by local and international artists. These mural paintings were organized by SURVIVE! Garage which supports young indepedent and emerging artists to exhibit.

The main itinerary that  got me all excited was attending a workshop at Katuna Studio. I met Mbak Vita and Mas Arwin Hidayat; textile experts and practicing artists. I already knew Batik art but this time I experienced drawing with a handcrafted electric tjanting! Learning Shibori was new was a first and there are many endless possibilities to create resist areas on fabrics using coins, wooden clothespin and even magnets. It fuels my creativity when I get to combine Batik tulis and Shibori techniques onto a 3 meters long cotton fabric. Here are some of the processes.

What's a trip without experiencing local cuisine. From a bowl of daily staple for as low as 60 cents to fancier meals at about $3.90 which were all flavourful, here are my favourites!

I truly enjoyed the creative retreat and already looking forward to the next one! I'm thankful that I get to travel and learn a new craft; all in the pursuit of my dreams. In line with our current campaign Dream with LS, we look forward to dreamers who would like to get your creations on shawls! Check out and shop the first run of our campaign here.  



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