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About one year ago, I made the decision to go for a creative retreat alone to Jogjakarta. I'm not an avid traveler so this is something new for me. I had my worries but yet looking forward to the trip. 

One memorable incident which questioned me about being street smart was when I was on Gojek- the OG of getting a ride on a bike. I was a bit skeptical but my friend assured me it's quite safe and that she will also be making her way soon. I was rather calm until the rider and I couldn't find the exact location of this communal art house! He made a few turns and decided to drop me off nearby the address. 

After I made some calls, I followed my gut and went into the first alley I saw. Apparently the entrance was all the way in. Thank god it was broad daylight and the alley didn't look as dodgy. While finding my way, my paranoia got me worried if I would get mugged or that my friend wouldn't be able to find me. Imagine me - no phones, no wifi, and not familiar with the location. A lot of things came to my mind and all the what ifs started to surface in my head. About half an hour later, she came and it was such a relief.

Chance upon beautiful murals along the alleys.

We are now in a state where the luxury of traveling is not feasible. My wedding is 8 months time and the thought of going to Turkey for my honeymoon is farfetched. I'm not even sure if the situation will get better in the months ahead to even hold a wedding. For now I can only pray and hope that this global pandemic will eventually go away. 

As tourism is affected heavily, I wonder about the landscapes around the world. Places I've been to, places I've yet to go. There has been articles of animals visiting the city. It's quite fascinating to learn about new stories happening around the world despite this difficult time. 

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip. 

Eating handmade noodles and cold soya milk. Fresh air and paddy fields!

 The neon pink slogan at the back of this truck says, "Happiness don't have to be fancy."


And if I never made the choice to travel to Jogakarta alone, I would not have discovered my self. Sometimes the best way to learn about yourself is to step into the unknown.. In the ideal situation, I wished I had travel more before settling down this year. Having said that, I really hope to see these places and discover myself all over again. This time with my future spouse who's an avid traveller! The lack of travelling in the past made me assume that I'm a hands down city girl but the sight of mountainous landscapes would be nice too. 

The ever popular honeymoon destination- Cappadocia,Turkey.

Santorini, Greece

One unique honeymoon destination would be the scenic lake and mountains at Hallstat, Austria.

 Lastly, lake Kawaguchi- Ko, Japan.

Our latest prints is a tribute to the ever changing landscapes in the near future. What's best for mother nature amidst this crazy times? Here are sneak peeks of what's next! 

- Lully

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