#lullyslist | LS Postcards

It's towards the end of week of Circuit Breaker here in Singapore. Day by day as new cases rise, rules are getting more stringent. As much as it can be suffocating to stay at home, I feel blessed that I'm safe at home. Of course everyone has different coping mechanisms. I truly hope that everyone is doing their part to ensure that this Circuit Breaker is effective for the next few weeks and we can hear of better news. Check out this insightful article!

On a lighter note, I'm sharing with you how I decorated the postcards we recently launched! Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD that will be emailed to you after checking out your cart. Please allow for up to 24h for the email to reach your inbox!

I gathered masking tape and circle stickers to block out certain areas on the postcard. The easiest way is to spray colours. I'm using water based spray cans hence it's alright to do it indoors and kids friendly. Alternatively, you may cut out old sponge and dab paints onto the uncovered areas. I used spare paper to block out the postcard to spray in stripes. 

Once dried, remove tape and stickers gently. It's ok if some parts are slightly torn. 

If you like, you may use black pen or other matching colours to fill up some of the white shapes. 

I enjoyed the process of having a few layers to the work. 

 For the rest of the postcards, I did a pointilism style of painting using cotton buds. I used watercolour paint from the tube and diluted slightly.


It has been therapeutic to spend time painting these postcards. You can frame it up or what better way then to send these postcards to our friends and families who are frontliners working tirelessly to fight #covid19! May we all stay safe and healthy  to get through this difficult times together. 


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