Lully's List | Eid' 16 Moodboard

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was gathering inspiration for last year's Eid moodboard.  A few collections later, I'm especially nervous for the next one! I'm sure by now some of you have already started hunting for your 1st day outfit. Who wouldn't want to look pretty for Eid #ootd right? Here's a peek at what goes into designing a Lully Selb collection...

After launching our Summer Shadows collection, we'd received such a great response for using pastel colours in our mashed up geometry shawl. So we decided to stick to the pantone colours of the year; Rose Quartz and Serenity.

As a start to designing the prints, Selb and I wanted go back to our roots in art education where we both met. We began our inspiration by exchanging photographs of our students' artworks and since an picture paints a thousand words, here are some of our favourite visuals to show you how we got there:


Lastly, we put together the colour palette and churned some mark makings –  here's our Eid 2016 curated moodboard! 

 Lully Selb Eid 2016 MoodboardLully Selb Eid 2016 MoodboardLully Selb Eid 2016 Moodboard

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