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#lullyslist | A chance to see how our Nautical Street prints were chosen

[article_content][author]Author. If delete this tag will be default author[/author][title]Title. If delete this tag will be default title[/title][content] We're launching the full Nautical Street campaign together with a spanking new website early next week! As most of you would have already know, it took awhile to finase the prints for this collection. Now that everything is ready, let's take a look at some sketches, prints that didn't make it and the final prints used for Nautical Street! The first 3 are prints that didn't make the cut. We thought a more softer blue could work. These 2 are the final prints used! Can't beat Navy Blue and Red for Nautical vibes. Red Navy Shawl Black Nautical Shawl We experimented with variations...

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#Selbseries | How nautical theme has evolved

Before we even started on producing designs for nautical theme collection, we did some research and got even more inspired to work on this. So here's a little throwback on how nautical theme became popularised. Did you know.... 1) It was Queen Victoria who inspired the nautical trend in the 18th century. She had a child’s sailor uniform made on board the royal yacht for her son Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. People were very influenced back then, so everyone at the countryside wanted their child to dress in a sailor uniform.     2) From childrens' wear, the trend got picked up by womens' fashion. Sailor-inspired swimwear was seen in the late 18th century. 3) In 1917,  Coco Chanel...

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#lullyslist | Perfect place to get props for Nautical

The photoshoot is happening this Sunday! Selb and I went to recce outdoor areas for our shoot but the weather has been unpredictable these days so we decided to have it done in a studio. Thus, we would really need props for it. We were both thinking, where else can we get a buoy, ropes and complementary accessories? It gotta be the Army's Market at beach rd! Here are the stash I came across... Some colourful rope.. Manila Ropes- We could make do with this but it's either we buy it for 50m or 3m which is too short. Got these  Paracord Bracelets for $6 each.. I spent the rest of our budget on this buoy. Perfect for our shoot!...

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#Selbseries | CNY VS Hari Raya

I have always loved diversity, and so this year as a muslim I celebrated my first Chinese New Year with my husband's family. His mom is chinese, ( dad is indian ) and because we all take halal food, his parents usually host the reunion dinner. I was all excited and dressed up making sure I'm all red and merry! When everyone arrived at my parents-in-law's place, to my surprise, they were dressed pretty casual. I was probably the "red-dest". Since I now have experienced both cny and hari raya, I cant help but to make a comparison. CNY VS HARI RAYA 1) Dresscode CNY: Hardly anyone wears the traditional costume anymore. Only older folks or young kids would wear...

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#lullyslist | How to make your own watercolor art print

I'm sure you've seen some nice watercolour art prints online or at retail stores. How about making your own from scratch?  At the comfort of your home too!  In my case, I did it in my living room. As for  the materials, you will need- -watercolour paper(buy it loose piece or a pad)  or a piece from your younger sibling's drawing block -watercolour cake or in tube form -white gouache paint *optional -assorted brushes -toothpick or wooden stick -tissue papers -chinese ink -water container -a placemat or newspaper to protect your working area from stains **you can get some of these materials from Popular or Art Friend.   I prefer to have torn edges for my paper.  Step 1- Choose...

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