Selb Honeymoon Part 2

This was the beginning of my honeymoon adventure. We flew in from LA to Calgary, a small little town in Canada. ...

Lully's List | Eid' 16 Moodboard

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was gathering inspiration for last year's Eid moodboard.  A few collection...

#LSS Interview: Amira

Amira Geneid isn't just a pretty face –  she's an entrepreneur who asked herself why isn't there a halal make-up br...

Lully's List| My favourite workout apps

For this week's #lullyslist I'll be sharing three workout apps which are worth downloading especially if you prefer t...

Selb's Series | #stressbusters

For this week's Selb's Series, I'll be sharing simple ways to destress as mentioned in the last post. Being the multi...

New Year, New Goals, New Prints!!!

  2016 will be another year of exciting things planned for our #lullyselbsquad. Before we reveal our plans and colle...
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