#lullyslist | A chance to see how our Nautical Street prints were chosen

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We're launching the full Nautical Street campaign together with a spanking new website early next week! As most of you would have already know, it took awhile to finase the prints for this collection. Now that everything is ready, let's take a look at some sketches, prints that didn't make it and the final prints used for Nautical Street!

The first 3 are prints that didn't make the cut. We thought a more softer blue could work.

These 2 are the final prints used! Can't beat Navy Blue and Red for Nautical vibes.

Red Navy Shawl

Black Nautical Shawl

We experimented with variations of how they stripes should go. Designing on our own means the options are endless and these are some of our sketches and ideas.

This thin lines wasn't bold enough.


We were so happy with this print! FYI, this is the full print used for our shirt!

And this one for the pants...


We worked really hard especially for this campaign as Nautical theme is a very classic one indeed. It's been around for long and it took us awhile to come out with a fresh take on it. We designed these specially for our LullySelbSquad yearning for a new print that is bold, unique and chic. 



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