#lullyslist| Prints recap!

I'm so blessed that Lully Selb happened! I knew that I'm going to design shawls when I made my decision to don the hijab back then. We have come thus far, here are the designs from 2016. Which one is your favorite?

The first three shawls were inspired by the architecture of Museum of Islamic Art is Qatar. Sheikha Hub brought us and a handful of designers to participate in a fashion show for Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition. You can read about the trip here.The Mashed-Up Geometry design was a hit! 

Pink Row 

Black Row 

Mashed-Up Geometry

We always have a theme or stories for each of our designs. Next up, these shawls were inspired by Selma's diving trips

Black Corals

Pink Corals (available for pre-order here)

Next, we produced these shawls for Eid'16 and Post-Marble craze collection!

Gold Marbled 

Rose Gold Marbled 

Black Marbled 

White Salmon Strokes

Just for Celeb Fest Year End Sale, we released another edition from the Eid'16 series. They were popular and Blue Strokes shawl are up for pre-order because they were sold out!

Blue Strokes

Pink Salmon Strokes

Alhamdulillah, our shawls were well received. For a fresh start, kicking off 2017 with new prints already. Here's a preview of new designs for our upcoming Nautical Street Collection!


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