#Selbsseries | Be our next dreamer - How to turn your art into shawls

Happy CNY to those celebrating and hope the rest of you had a good mid week break. I have been celebrating it for the last 3 years and the atmosphere is really different from Hari Raya. Funny thing is when I went to my side of the family at night for a gathering, it was more happening than my husband's chinese side cny visits.(Prob write about this next time.) 

lully selb

What is more important in today's blog is sharing more about #DreamwithLS. It's been a very successful campaign and we plan to have more artists aka our Dreamers on board for future collabs. 

Being creatives ourselves, we know the struggles and its not easy especially in a country like Singapore. If you're one of us, always dreaming and creating, we say JOIN US.

It can be daunting at first but we're here to guide you and make sure your art will turn into a fabulous, edgy piece of shawl. Here's what one of our Dreamers said about the experience.

 lully selb

Allow me to share with you on how you can be our new Dreamer.

Here's how it works;

Step 1

Ask yourself

- Do I want to step out of my comfort zone and make my dreams alive?

- Do I want to turn my art into something wearable?

- Do I want to see my works worn by #lullyselbsquad?

If you have 2 out of 3 yes, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

If you have existing works - select 3 best ones that you think can be designed into the shawl

If you don't have anything and wish to start, PLS DO! It can be in ANY medium; paints, watercolour, pictorial, illustration, calligraphy, etc.

Step 3

Send us photos (hey@lullyselb.com) of 3 artworks with a brief description of your concept/idea.

Step 4

Within 7 working days, team Lully Selb will get back to you whether you are selected or not. 

Step 5

Lully Selb works on your art and design it into a shawl print. 

Step 6

A discussion between you and Lully Selb takes place.

Step 7

A sample is produced followed by photoshoot with you and your designs+sketches. You don't have to come out with a single cent.

Step 8

Production of your designs. 

Step 9


Step 10

MOST IMPORTANT STEP is - for every shawl we sell, you get a 5% royalty fee. 

What are you waiting for? Hit us an email at hey@lullyselb.com or whatsapp me at 93852142.

Click here to check out #DreamwithLS first collection.


Before I end my blogpost, here's the part 2 of my interview session with our Dreamers; Karen, Elaine and Nancy. *Yes we will interview you too when you become our Dreamer!*

 1) What is your favourite medium to work with? 

Karen: Watercolour


Elaine: Paint & sewing

Nancy: Oil but I use acrylic more

2) Where do you seek inspiration

Karen: From poetry. Song.stories..and Memories 

Elaine: Everywhere, indoor to outdoor

Nancy: Traveling

3) If you’re stuck in A lift for 3 hours, who would you wanna be stuck with

Karen: David Attenborough

Elaine: A man with a cat haahaha.....

Nancy: My daughter


4) If you’re a new addition to a box of colour pencils, what colour would you be

Karen:  Madder Carmine😊

Elaine: Gray...I can compliment all colours

Nancy: Gold

5) how lucky are you and why?

Karen: Very . Because i have a family who encourages and stands by me.


lully selb

Nancy: Very fortunate, I have a very supportive husband, who support not only me but the whole house of dreamers (son and daughter)

I really hope you can see yourself part of us, the dreamers. Looking forward to growing the creative community!



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