#Selbsseries | Lully Selb Squad Interview

I’m super excited for #DreamwithLS because to me being a creative in Singapore is such a struggle. Many of us wish to turn our passion into a business but realities and society always stop us from doing what we love.

Today I hope my blog re-ignite that spark in you. You the artist, the Creative mommy, the designer babe, the cool crafter, the amazing creator. Yes you! Remember that if you want something so badly, get up and go for it.

I’m happy that today we make 3 of our artists friends dream come true. I had a chat with them to get to know their inspiration behind these prints.

Here’s a little summary about the 3 artists;

1) Tell us about yourself and 3 things you want people to know about you.

Karen: I make fun of myself. I don't tolerate abuse of any kind and i believe that Thanos has a point. I'm reliable, flexible and I detest fake people.

Elaine: Outdoor, friendly & hard working

Nancy: I love freedom, time and day-dreaming 

2) Your biggest dream is

Karen: That all kinds of cruelty to animals will cease.

Elaine: To be famous for my works, hehe!

Nancy: Build a place/house for flowers/plants, coffee and art.

3) Your biggest downfall is

Karen: My downfall is that i often doubt myself.

Elaine: Why am I still not famous?

Nancy: Giving up an establishment after 7 years of effort 

4) What inspired you to this painting? 

Karen: The strength of women. Their ability to be tough and strong yet remaining gentle and loving.

Nancy: I love the colourful collage of the winding rice fields that clung onto the mountains, these mountains looks just like giant spiral ice cream. Some like mirror with different shapes that reflect the sky into the water field. It is a rugged beauty, a breathtaking scenery that I want to embrace and breathe in all the air in front of me. It makes me feel calm and relax.   

Elaine: I love going to the beaches. If I could, I'd live in an island to just dive and paint all day. Every other weekend, I look forward to the sun, sea and sand. Painting the sun is something that reminds me of happy days. 

Part 2 of the interview series in 2 weeks time!

I really hope that #DreamwithLS is changing the notion that we can choose to chase our true vision. Why can’t we live our dreams, be the best versions of ourselves and reach our potential. If you’re reading this blog and see yourself to be part of this campaign in future, write to us and WhatsApp me directly:) 

Meanwhile, head over here to shop the prints.



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