#Selbsseries | Highs and Lows of 2017

I find it really hard to blog these days while taking care of Iman. I totally underestimated this whole motherhood thing! I always imagined I could do my housework,  cook, take care of a baby and run a business. Almost impossible, so I now just do what I can, and take one day at a time! Anyway, in today's post, I wanted to highlight the important events of 2017. The bulk of it was being pregnant, but I'm glad I managed to do quite a bit. 
End Dec 2016 -  Early Jan 2017 - Our first Umrah together! This was taken on flight to Jeddah. 
February - My first CNY celebration with my hubby's family! Didn't know that some old folks will give hang bao as we're newly married.
February - Found out I was pregnant and at the midst of planning for our new home. Crazy period!!!
29 February - Lully Selb Squad VIP Dinner - sweet and cosy, held at The Working Title. 
March - My favourite campaign on the year for Lully Selb ! Nautical Street
April - Toughest month of my pregnancy. Got really dehydrated and had to go ANE. The lowest point of 2017! Despite that, I managed to attend SMFW where we had our runaway showcase in Marina Bay Sands. 
May - First time seeing my baby well formed! And gynae gave green light to travel !
May - hmmm, i guess this was our babymoon! Loved this resort by the waters of Lombok. At 5 months pregnant, I'm glad I managed to go on this much needed trip and even went snorkeling ! Miss this so badly now.
June - Celebfest Ramadhan, photo with one of my Lullyselbsquad Farahin! Thanks for looking so good in our printed shawl. I also participated in a dialogue with President Halimah Yacob to talk about my journey building my brand. Cant seem to find a photo but I recalled my belly was showing and people started to find out my pregnancy! 
June - First Eid being pregnant. Thanks to Enpointe for carrying a wide range of festive outfits. Here I'm wearing our  Momento Square shawl with  a outfit from Enpointe. 
July - Fortunate to be featured in Institute of Service Excellence @ SMU. They wanted to find out about service in SMEs and we represented ecommerce! Full video - click on photo.
August - Launched our firs SG Shawl - Lets Makan! So well received we had to restock again. 
October - Arrival of our little one. Official first family photo. 
What a 2017! A year of waiting for my due date, a year with lots of pain during my pregnancy, yet while I was writing this blogpost, I'm so thankful for all the blessings and good things!
On to 2018, Bismillah!

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