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It's that time of the year again, every November. BE kollective is made up of me, Selb and five of my artists/designer friends. We just had an art opening for our BE goes Wild exhibition. This year, I partnered with an art buddy, Izzan from Northlight school.

 I first met Izzan at Jurong Bird Park, together with the other art buddies and BE mentors. I remembered he expressed his excitement about seeing the dinosaur descendants birds. He sat and sketched quite a detailed drawing. Weeks later, we met again to start painting on canvas. I guessed our painting styles matched! I was able to teach him painting techniques and saw his confidence grow. 

The highlight of the art exhibition opening was a fashion runway where the BE artists showcased variety merchandise. It was quite cute looking at the buddies, some even danced in front of the audience! We took our theme and dress code seriously! Here are the photos well captured by Danon. 


 Mdm Rahayu came to grace the event. She brought her adorable son too. Seen here is Chalmers, mentored by NanC.



I felt proud seeing the buddies talking to the guests cheerfully about their artworks. I remembered Izzan telling me, "Ms Huda, can you help to pass this present(gifted from his Principal) to my mom? I want to stand in front of my paintings, in case anyone wants to ask me questions."

Social gatherings like this exhibition really helps to build up their self esteem. Standing proud in front of their artworks!

Sijun is seen here donning the shawl designed by us and his pouch. Mentored by NanC.


Seen here is Eera and Jie Wei mentored by Selb.

 Tuck Ming in front of his newest painting style, watercolor. Mentored by Elaine.

 Our youngest buddy Jack, mentored by Karen. Her two other buddies, Addicson and Avelyn. 

BE mentor, Sunarti looks like a zoo ranger here. You might have seen En Cheng( on far left) on newspaper recently regarding his fun Horse Theraphy. There's also Brian, Julian and Hui Zhen.

 Remember #LSwithYou artist Book Loong for the Super Trees shawl? He partnered with Ocean and painted KuCinta cats. His printed pouches and shopping bags were so popular! 


It was a heartwarming event. Together with the art buddies with learning disabilities and special needs, we are raising funds for our selected beneficiaries. Shop for merchandise at BE.kollective website. Get shawls at our #LSwithYouGoesWild page. All proceeds goes to the beneficiary and art buddies for sustainable living. Thank you for your support!



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