#LSwithyou: Empowering Artists


About the campaign

#LSwithyou is about inclusion, supporting talents and celebrating unique individuals. This campaign hopes to champion artists with special needs by transforming their paintings to printed shawls. 

By wearing these shawls, its like telling them; "We're with you, and you're not alone." #LSwithyou

This year, we are expanding our pool of artists by introducing 4 new faces; Eera, Tuck Ming, Izzan and Chun Qi. On top of that we are also adding new lifestyle product; totebags, pouches, umbrella and shopping bag. 

*5% of sales goes to the artists while we manage all the production and printing of shawls, marketing and distribution. 


The Design Story

As this whole collection is a partnership with Be Kollective, the pieces are based on the theme Goes Wild.

Our pieces aims to focus on sustaining biodiversity, embracing the unique and endangered wildlife in our cosmopolitan city of Singapore through contemporary art.

As we live and grow in a fast paced society, it is necessary to pause and take a moment to appreciate our wildlife before it may be too late.

While doing research for our art pieces, we found that Singapore indeed has many hidden treasures in our nature and we hope to bring them out through our works. 

These artists have chosen their favourite animals like the lion, tiger, elephant, butterflies and birds. 

About the artists

Most of them couldn't get into mainstream schools due to various diagnosis since young. They range from dyslexia, down-syndrome, autism, or just being below the average IQ level which affected their learning.


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