#LSwithyou: A Collaboration with Sijun and Shalom

lully selb

#LSwithyou is about inclusion, supporting talents and celebrating unique individuals. This campaign hopes to champion artists with special needs by transforming their paintings to printed shawls.
Sijun, our artist with special needs whom we’ve collaborated before and now back due to popular demand. This boy not only paints well but he’s got a big heart for all things nature. From the home for animals collection, we present you - The Underwater Series.

lully selb

Shalom, our latest addition to the #LSwithyou movement expresses his works through Chinese ink exploration. There’s just something with his strokes; playful, expressive and simply beautiful.
Shop the prints while supporting these awesome individuals.

By wearing these shawls, its like telling them; "We're with you, and you're not alone." #LSwithyou

5% of sales goes to the artists while we manage all the production and printing of shawls, marketing and distribution. 
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