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Every beginning of the year, I look forward to see the biggest art exhibition, Art Stage Singapore. For its 6th edition this year, they play host to 170 international galleries from 33 global cities of 33 countries including 32 galleries from Singapore. 
Upon entering, I was greeted with Thai artist- Ploenchan Vinyaratn(Mook) spectacular massive appliqué! Mook is a graduate of Central St. Martin's London in Woven Textiles.
Here are my favourite picks! An eye catching display showcases paintings of patterns and portraits-two favourite subjects of mine!
Golnaz Fathi's bold red and black painting...
Next up are the best monochrome pieces. For those who are a fan of Eko Nugroho, you would definitely be able to spot his signature masked-eyes-patterns. This one definitely caught my eyes from afar!
Cheolryang LEE's close up patterned markings of a city-how cute, can you spot the little figures in it?
Next, I walked into a gloomy space of morbid and beautifully dark illustrations done by True-Anh.
Last monochrome piece  by from Chiyu UEMAE.
After looking at all the artworks, there is one piece that made me come back to appreciate it again for the last time. It is none other than Mook's smaller appliqué piece. How nice it is to have patterned appliqué on Lully Selb's apparels!

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