#LSS Interview: Amira

Amira Geneid isn't just a pretty face –  she's an entrepreneur who asked herself why isn't there a halal make-up brand that won't look out of place on a shelf in Sephora – and went ahead to create one herself!  Find out more about how she did it on today's #LSS interview: 
  • Tell us a little about yourself – how you got started to where you are now.  
I'm the founder of Zahara – a hijab-friendly cosmetics brand formulating and crafting high-end nail and makeup products specially catered for our Zahara Warriors. We sell wudhu-friendly nail polish and will shortly be launching our halal ALL DAY MATTE lip glosses. I got started because I absolutely adore makeup and have always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

One day  it dawned on me that I should combine the two. I wanted there to be a brand that me and my friends could always rely on to care about our needs and to be of exceptional quality and style! I realised there was a real opportunity there when none of my friends could find a muslim-centric makeup brand that we would choose over MAC and Benefit. We deserve the best, and that's what I'm working on with Zahara.
  • Whats a fashion No-no?
Double denim. I can't handle it! I know it made a mini come-back last year but I cringed the whole time.
  • If you could go back in time to 5 years ago, what would you tell your former self?
Be confident in yourself. You're never too young or too inexperience to start anything you dream, you can always get started and learn along the way. All that matters is that you're passionate and will work for it.
  • What's your favorite Lully Selb piece/s?
The drip shirt dress, I like that it looks like white marble –  so chic.
  • Who's in your squad?
My fiance is my rock/ IT guy/ crazy man who feeds me when I've been sitting at my desk working for too long. And there's Ain, the latest addition to the Zahara team. We're all working our butts off to bring you bigger and better things.
  • Describe Lully Selb in 3 words.
Modern, avant-garde, funky



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    Thank you so much! This post seems really helpful for me.I was looking for Halal nail-polishes, while doing my make-up lessons from Lina Cameron, for the first time I hear about Halal nail-polishes from her. She suggest me few items from this brand and brands too! That was really helpful for me .

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