Selb's Series | #RevampWardrobe

One of things I want to start right this year is a fresh, clean organized wardrobe. Besides the fact that I love fashion, I believe how you look affects how you feel about yourself. To feel good, you've gotta look good. In order to look good though, your wardrobe should inspire you and ease the process of getting dressed –  rather than not knowing what to wear every morning and getting depressed!

So in today's Selb Series, here are some simple easy steps to de-clutter and get your wardrobe organized.

1) Take out all your clothes from your cupboard onto your bed. 

2) Sort them out into three piles; LOVE, UNSURE, HATE

  • LOVE : You love it, makes you feel good and wear it frequently 

This pile goes back to your wardrobe.

  • UNSURE : You want to keep it but never ever wore it coz its not so you or something is not right. 

My rule of thumb is that if you have not worn them for more than 3 months, it's time to donate or sell them off!

  • HATE : It doesn't fit anymore... It's worn out.. It's out of style!

Those still in good condition should be donated. For those that are more worn out, I usually cut them up into smaller pieces and use them as rags before disposing them. (Being eco-friendly is a bonus!)

3) It's time to put only those you love back in the closet! There's also an art to arranging them back into your wardrobe. Start by sorting them to categories and then by colours. ( Eg. white tops, blue tops, green tops......... white bottoms, blue bottoms, green bottoms.... ).

This really helps when in a single look, you'll be able to tell which types and colours you already have and need to avoid or get more of on the next shopping trip!

If you need more guidance, read up on Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo and her art of tidying up. 

I hope that helps your wardrobe fatigue and inspire you to style yourself in only pieces that you truly love and feel good in!



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