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Selb's Series | #Weddingtheme

I've been keeping on the downlow but since it's 3 days away, yes ladies..... I'm getting married!! So for the past weeks I've been juggling with wedding preparations, from the theme to the food, liaising with the different vendors and boy it's been crazy! On top of that, we've been preparing for the launch of the new collection - Summer Shadows with a private event next week! There were definitely super stressful days but its always fun to plan the creative side of it. In today's SelbSeries, I'm revealing a little behind-the-scenes with 5 classy wedding themes that I was considering.   Blue and Gold When you put these shades of colours together, they speak midnight glam and romance. Gorgeous colours...

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Selb's Series | #RevampWardrobe

One of things I want to start right this year is a fresh, clean organized wardrobe. Besides the fact that I love fashion, I believe how you look affects how you feel about yourself. To feel good, you've gotta look good. In order to look good though, your wardrobe should inspire you and ease the process of getting dressed –  rather than not knowing what to wear every morning and getting depressed!So in today's Selb Series, here are some simple easy steps to de-clutter and get your wardrobe organized. 1) Take out all your clothes from your cupboard onto your bed.  2) Sort them out into three piles; LOVE, UNSURE, HATE LOVE : You love it, makes you feel good and...

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Selb's Series | #bestlooks2015

As we welcome 2016, it's time to look back and remember the ups and downs of 2015. As for me, the best thing that happened was launching Lully Selb. Indeed it's been a crazy roller coaster ride, but every little moment was meant to happen – all for the better. Since then, I have been more observant and keep a closer look on what's in and out on the modest fashion scene. Across the globe, many young women are expressing themselves in different interesting ways and so I've picked up my favourite best looks for Modest Wear of 2015. Best Modest Formal/Corperate Look @feeeya   Best Modest Maternity Look @dinatokio   Best Modest Traveling Look @vivyyusof  Best Modest Party Look @ascia_akf  Best Modest Overcoat Look @dalillahismail...

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