3 factors on deciding a Lully Selb print

What makes a winning design for Lully Selb shawls? 

Some days the process of creating a new print is easy, some days are hard and it takes much longer. There are many articles on the process of creativity out there. The most simplified and relatable one is about 5 stages of Making Art.

Stage 1- Inspiration 

Stage 2- Percolation (processing and refining one's idea-sketching, moodboards)

Stage 3- Preparation (painting or drawing simple sketches on wacom tablet)

Stage 4- Creation (fine-tuning colors and drawing intensively on Illustrator or Photoshop)

Stage 5- Reflection 

I was at our printer's last week to check out the new prints. Here are some of them-

Right after printing is usually one of the most important event for the team. We have to discuss how we are going to use the print for our apparels. Apart from that, we also have to decide if the scale and proportion is just right. So when it comes to deciding our final prints for the collection, here are the pointers.

1. Does the print looks resolved?

2. Are we going to wear the print? Will our #lullyselbsquad wear it?

3. The first instinct is always right. 

I hope you gained some insight on what goes behind the scenes of creating our prints.


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