Selb Honeymoon Part 2

This was the beginning of my honeymoon adventure. We flew in from LA to Calgary, a small little town in Canada. From Calgary, we rented a car and headed to the amazing national park - Banff. This photo was probably taken at the highway leading to the park where we could see a glimpse of the rocky mountains. And boy, we were already in awe and super excited to drive closer!
And now we're in. Mountains got bigger. Super Amazing. Enjoy the video. ( All our videos are uncut and original. )
We checked into our hotel in Banff town and headed out right away as daylight was gonna end. Below photo was taken at our first stop; Bow River. As you can see, where I was standing its still frozen ice. When Summer kicks in, I believe you can see more of the river and probably some beautiful reflections of the surroundings. ( definitely wanna come back during summer ).
The next day, we're off to skiing. First time I skied was in Dubai Mall. This is nothing compared to skiing in a mall. Weather was kinda crazy, -8 degrees celsius and I ended up skiing at the beginner area as I was too freaked out to go on the steep slopes. The video below was all that I did; up and down that kiddish slope close to like 10 times! I enjoyed every bit of it while my husband went on to further high slopes. 

Selb_honyemoon from Lully Selb on Vimeo.


After skiing for 4 hours, all you need is a great cuppa hot chocolate! One of the best Ive tasted; so happy me!

Since we had an hour or so before sunset, we drove towards Tunnel Mountain Drive. Another beautiful spot to enjoy the scenic mountain views. 



Next day, we woke up early and did a short walk in one of the nearby woods. It was nice, simple and there was none but us. This video is kinda funny; my husband was trying to capture the silence of the forest and I had to spoil it at the last bit. 

Selb in forest from Lully Selb on Vimeo.


We then headed to Jasper Park.  Banff to Jasper is about a 2 hour drive, and in between we stopped at the very famous spot; Lake Louise. Its probably one of the nicest and a must see for all those travelling in Banff/Jasper. We were there about noon-ish, so sun was so bright but it was still soo cold! Amazing weather. No filters needed, pure sunshine on our faces!


So throughout the trip, I was trying to do the typical jump shots. So bad at it, look at my face!! This was one that both my feet were up high, so well done!

When we reached Jasper, it was time to call it a day. Next day, we did a 3 hour trail, kinda got lost a little. The plan was to walk till Pyramid Lake, a must see according to trip adviser.  But somehow we took the wrong trail, so we ended up too far from Pyramid  Lake. We took a 10min drive and the view was just too amazing. There was even a couple doing their wedding shoot. 

 On to the last leg in Jasper, we did a very interesting activity; the ice walk. Basically its different from snow. These are made by water from underground flowing down the rocks and stones. Because the weather is so cold, the water freezes while trickling down, creating these very unique ice "sculptures". You need to also rent ice kleets, which you put around your shoes. These kleets prevent you from slipping off the ice. 



The last drive back from Jasper to Calgary took us about 5 hours. Below video was taken at Athabasca Falls, still within Jasper. This was one of my favourite moments. 

Selb in Athabasca Icewalk from Lully Selb on Vimeo.



All good things must come to an end. I was really sad to leave Canada as it was surprisingly very very enjoyable. Canadians are so kind, and always so welcoming. I definitely recommend anyone who loves nature, some quiet time and enjoys photography to please consider Banff/Jasper Park as your next destination. I am definitely coming back. 

PS: I have to say a big thank you to my husband, Ibrahim for making our first travel an awesome one. And also our rented car which kept us safe, entertained us with good music and reliable heater when weather got too cold. 

Peace out,


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