#lullyslist | Terra Terra

It's been a while since we blogged! Today I'm sharing with you the inspiration behind Terra Terra print. 

The history of Terrazzo goes a along way. In our Asian context, we always see them in charming dainty houses. Now, it's trending in tableware and interior designers incorporate them in commercial spaces.

 Terrazzo sculptural platter by studio Mignone used to display Katherine Sabbath's cake. 

 Have you seen the new Love Bonito outlet at Funan? 

 So pretty right? It reminds me of painter Rene Magritte's artwork- Portrait of Stephy Langui

 While looking around for inspiration, I chance upon Concrete Collaborative who manufactures their own concrete and terrazo in California an Vietnam. Here arep some pictures behind the scenes of how terrazzo are made. 

While Concrete Collaborative manufactures big scale pieces, the creative folks from Studio Mignone does sculptural ones and are handmade!  The possibilities of producing Terrazzo are endless and I've got mad love for their works

Admiring these pieces made me want to have them on shawls. I hand-printed the marble chips using organic shapes and overlay them digitally. We will definitely not stop at one design for Tera Tera shawls! 

 Terra Terra shawl is already a hit with our VIPs! Launching very very soon. 


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