#LullysList | My take on Glow Graphic tights

It’s been so fun making the collaboration with Glow Co come to fruition and I could finally wear Glow Graphic tights during yoga a few days ago. I would like to share with you my feedback but first!

I understand that there are some ladies who are not comfortable wearing fitted tights for workout as it clashes with a Muslimah’ dress code.

Here are some of my thoughts about my preference in wearing compression tights for workout.

1) Exercising is hard but the moment I put on compression tights, I felt strong and ready to do my best; especially during High Intesity Interval training. 

2) The purpose of compression garments helps to hold muscles firmly in place and improve blood flow to the muscles. This allow for better performance during your workout; you get to do high knees or jump squats better! You got to try it to feel the difference from wearing joggers or track pants. 

Wearing it during yoga feels great too. I had to do a lot of transition between standing poses and going down into planks. We had to do a few sets of it. However, here is one factor which I think the team can improve on for the next batch of tights. 

I am plus size, UK 16. I wore Glow Graphic in XL. I wished it was high waisted so that my tummy and love handles are tucked in snuggly. I spoke to the team about it will definitely improve on that.

Other than that issue, I feel comfortable in it, love the design. I encourage you to get the right outfit for your workout. Here is discount code LSFORGLOWCO10 to check out here. We look forward to see #lullyselbsquad and #glowgetters workout photos! Do tag us!

Modesty in action is possible!!

 - Lully

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