#lullyslist | How I stay inspired.

April has come and it feels like I've used up my creative juices while designing Eid 2018 prints! Currently, there's a few more design projects that I'm looking forward to do. If you are a creative, you would understand the struggles we face to make a complete and satisfying design. At the same time getting fascinated by the creative process. How can a project take so long to finish while another project was a breeze to work with? Whenever I feel uninspired to finish up a design work, I would go out- gallery hopping, catch up with friends and even watch a concert. I recently caught Sheila Majid's concert!

Here are some of the overdue pictures from Art Stage!

Spot that telur mata lembu. I'm thinking of having fried eggs with rice and kicap manis!

Nice combination of Chinese landscape painting and Islamic Geometry!

Embroidery piece by my favorite Eko Nugroho.

This is a mixed media painting- painted sky, screen printed trees and carved out leaves. 

Here's a close-up.

Flowers in black ink is always lovely.

Patterns used to make this dress. Pattern making- a skill I would love to pick up someday!

A little bit of Kaws bright illustrations is always fun.

Looking at artworks and observing how they were made inspires me. A few weeks ago, I went for an art show which was held at Utama- Urban Art Store by The Ink and Clog. It was a great show with works by local and international artists. What caught my attention too was the colourful supplies of spray cans! I bought a water-based, odorless version to try. Here are some work-in-progress pictures.

Dilute paint with water, drop ink, spray, scan, repeat. Can't wait to officially launch our next print, Inkflow! Here's a sneak peek of Selb donning it!

Who wants a piece of of this?



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