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#Selbsseries | My old treasures of Art

Hey Lully Selb Squad,  My parents have been busy lately packing to shift out of their place and week after week, they would call me to collect my old stuff. Ever since I have my own place last year, I always thought I have brought all my things over but apparently, I still have many old treasures mainly my art works. Just last week, my sisters and I gathered and looked through all of our works and we were so surprised to see drawings from our primary school days. This sketchbook particularly got my attention - Developing Prints! Look at how manual I did it, days before I was proficient in Photoshop. And I actually forgot that I enjoy the...

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#lullyslist | How I stay inspired.

April has come and it feels like I've used up my creative juices while designing Eid 2018 prints! Currently, there's a few more design projects that I'm looking forward to do. If you are a creative, you would understand the struggles we face to make a complete and satisfying design. At the same time getting fascinated by the creative process. How can a project take so long to finish while another project was a breeze to work with? Whenever I feel uninspired to finish up a design work, I would go out- gallery hopping, catch up with friends and even watch a concert. I recently caught Sheila Majid's concert! Here are some of the overdue pictures from Art Stage! Spot...

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