Lully's List | Trying out Chinese Painting

We received so much love for the recent collaboration with Sijun and Shalom and I was inspired to paint. For the past four weeks, I attended a class on Chinese Painting. I thought it was going to be a breeze but apparently not! There are two styles- traditional aka realistic  and freestyle. I get to try both! 

In Chinese painting, the painters will practice many rounds, perfecting every strokes before creating their masterpieces swiftly in minutes. I don't think I have the patience to do that! The first lesson was painting bamboo shoots. The leaves were the hardest! The way I should start and end with a sharp tip. 

The second lesson was quite fun learning how to paint flowers with interesting strokes. Just look at the soft edges of the flowers!


 I look forward to the third lesson but I was a big disappointed at myself for not having the patience to be more attentive with details. Who would have thought painting mountains could be as hard? There's a lot of tones and proportion to take note of. The most important aspect in Chinese painting is controlling the amount of water and ink. Choosing the different types of brush hair and it's sizes plays a part too. I used wolves hair brush as it's quite stiff. Here's a small portion  of the Mountains that I painted.

JJust like how Shalom was inspired by Wu Guangzhou, I chose to copy one of his paintings for my last lesson. By now I'm able to control the amount of water and ink on my brush especially on getting the right tone. This has got to be my favourite!

We're coming to the end of the collaboration with our special needs friends and we're excited to share with you our next collaboration! We will start launching it tomorrow! We'll post more on Instagram.


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