#Selbseries | PostMarbleCrazeStyling II

Seems like almost every other day, I have something marble on me. If not the shawl, Id be seen wearing the top. The one thing I truly love about this marble peplum is that the fabric is crinkle free!!! Well, if you're  a neat freak, then perhaps you'll want to iron a little. But for someone like me who is always rushing, this peplum is perfect! Open my wardrobe, grab, wear and GO! So here's a quick look at how easy it is to match this marble print.

You wont believe it, but I wore this to a wedding!! It was a rather hot day and I had dinner with family after so I couldn't bring myself to wear anything to heavily beaded and fancy. The trick is to go sharp with your shoes and a little cute vintage clutch. I also wore a slighlty shimmery shawl to kinda up my look.

And when I wear my lazy sandals, the whole look just tappers down. This was just a few days ago when I had dinner with my husband at a restaurant near my old campus, ( Nafa Fashion Studies ) and I just got reminded of how I stayed in the printing workshop for days and nights just to get the pieces out for my final collection. I actually remember how I was just so overwhelmed and wasn't sure if fashion is something I wanted to do long term. But I guess, after trying out many other jobs and industries, I'm back for good ( Insh'Allah )!



Besides using solids to match the marble print, go out of your comfort zone and go print on print! I paired my favourite CK printed pants and go black with the shoes and shawl. The secret to playing with prints is that you should keep to the same colours ( eg monochrone prints or pastel prints or blueish prints ). But if you wanna go another level, check out my partner Lully's look; adding a touch of yellowish bag to this outfit. Nailed it Lully!


When I go crazy, I go marble on marble! When we were designing this post marble craze collection, we didn't intend to style it as a set, but somehow it actually goes well together. If you look closely, the marble print on the shawl is slightly bigger compared to the print on the peplum. So its kinda matchy matchy but not totally identical! Go try this look!

So whats next after this marble craze??!! If you've been following us closely, we're launching our #lullyselbessentials in 2 days time!!! Here's a pink wall to drop you a hint - we're giving our essential line a fresh look. Think pantone Rose quartz, whites and blacks....... We're gonna be doing our campaign shots this Saturday morning so please pray for good weather!!!

I cant wait!!

- Selb -

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