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The best thing about this marbled printed shawl is that you can literally wear it from day to night, casual to corperate, picnics to parties. Because there's just so many ways of wearing the print, I'm gonna do 2 Selbseries Blogposts; this first one kinda just focuses on the shawls. 


So first up, super casual friday evening look for a barbeque that my husband's ex boss organised coz it was his last day at Linkedin. Comfy light-weight blouse, navy blue capri pants and sandals kinda day. I also wrapped the shawl easy, just 1 pin=)

Goodbye Linkedin, and hello to Future Marketeer! I wish you all the best Ibrahim, I know you will read this!!! 

This black marbled shawl is also great for a wedding or fancy occasion. I paired it with a black dress,  textured little coatie, throw in some pearl necklace ( coz I was too black for a wedding ) and with the deep pink heels to add that spunk to the look. 



Beautiful wedding, pretty couple and yummy foood! Congrats to Firyal and Adnan=) 

The white marbled shawl was a hit when we launched our Eid Blnk Canvs Collection. So this time we brought back with rose gold streaks instead! I've been matching this shawl with almost everything in my wardrobe but my fav is to go all white plus another colour. And since its sunday out to town I chose this white look. ( Its hard for me to wear white during teaching days, paints just gets to your clothes, shoes, shawls .. everything )! After brunch, my husband and I went to orchard to get new shirts for his new role. This meant, lots of walking .. So nothing beats wearing a comfortable pair of shoes! Fyi, this is not at orchard, we missed the bus and so we went round our neighbourhood and saw some cool walls!


 And my favourite casual clutch from mybookuu - check their stuff of handmade notebooks and bags!

 This last look is again with the black marbled shawl! Honestly, I love both colours equally but because the black marbled is our latest addition, cant help but to have it on repeat mode. Plus, paints on black is less hideous than my precious white marbled ( which i kinda already got some acrylic paint on, argh! !) This was just taken yesterday, I had a meeting with @themadsailors coz we're having our first LS Experience: Workshop this Saturday at this amazing cafe!

Back to the look, wearing all black can be boring at times, so I took out my vibrant pink long sleeved tee and paired with a flowy vest. You know I aint wearing pink unless with blacks!!

This is Amiera, an old colleague who is now part of The Mad Sailors Team. Was a good meeting and catch up before this girl leaves to NYC for a holiday #sojealous. Spot the marbled shawl on the table, yes thats for Amiera. She obviously doesnt wear a shawl, but hey who says shawls are only for hijabis! 

PS: I think we have 2 more passes left! for the workshop! Email us if you're interested. 


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