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Open your wardrobe, rushing to work or a meeting and can't find anything to wear? Thats pretty much me every other day. Though now I have some Lully Selb pieces to wear, they're not enough for the whole week. Lully and I been discussing about this, and we thought we'd like to hear from you too! How about a line of Lully Selb Essentials? Think basic modest day to day wear. Super simple with some hidden fun details? And now that we have so many gorgeous printed shawls, all we need is some nice, comfortable basic, most importantly - HALAL tops. 



I always love to layer and put on a jacket. But unfortunately, the weather is crazy here in Singapore and we just want to beat the heat with the thinnest clothing possible. Would you like a very light weight jacket that its not too hot for our weather? What about a 2 in 1 top that looks like you're wearing a cardi?

My other favourite colour, besides black is WHITE !! Love looking at all these "angmoh" or non modest wear cos they just look so casual yet chic. But we all agree the major problem of ms white - no matter what, you need to wear another tank top or tube underneath. That makes it uncomfortable or even hotter. Any of you have bought a top that is white and you don't need to wear anything underneath? What are your fuss free tips when wearing white? Pls share with me!!

If you read this post, please tell me your wardrobe needs and what you think Lully Selb should bring in. We're planning in launching next month !!

1) What kind of style?

2) Fabric?

3) Price range you would pay for?

4) Or generally what are your pain points in getting ready every morning?

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Really appreciate your thoughts !! 




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