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I just came back from an amazing short getaway and as I'm writing this, I'm missing the serenity of Maluku. Imagine this. No wifi, no shops, not many people ( our resort has only about 12 other guests ), no cars, no air pollution, just 360 degree view of pure greenery, blue waters and the clear skies. 

My husband and I started the journey on Thursday night, 8pm flight from SG to Jakarta, Jakarta to Ambon. Due to the time difference ( and Ambon is really far ), we arrived 6am Friday. And we thought we're gonna get the to waters right after, well.. the adventure just begun. As soon as all the other 9 guests and our guide arrived at Ambon airport, we took a 15mins car ride to the port, for the ferry. The ferry ride took 2 hours. We then took the car again, which brings us to the other side of Ambon ( heading towards Seram Island ). That took about 3 hours. We then hopped into a small speed boat and we really thought its a short one, nooooo.... we took another 1 hour !!! We were all so tired by the time we reached but as soon we put our bags in our rooms, we got changed and jumped into the waters! 

The days got better and better as we explore the other islands. We mainly went to the little beaches around Seram Island and did snorkeling, simple trekking and swam in the clear waters. What I really like is that there were only 11 of us in this tour group, so it was rather private and we all bonded well with each other. One of the things I enjoy travelling is meeting new people, coming from all walks of life, and this group was really an interesting one. Young and seniors all coming here to enjoy the quiet, deep blue sea and admire God's creation. 

Alright, enough of saying anymore, the pictures speak for themselves! For more info, check out Kakabantrip.




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Missing the sea, 


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