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Last Saturday we held a cosy workshop at the Mad Sailors and coincidently the theme for our workshop was Nautical Street - our year end collection. (PART OF BLUES AND NUDES) We were nervous yet excited as it was our first time sharing our processes in creating a print. 

We kept the group small; 13 participants and some of them whom we remember meeting at our previous pop up events. Our blogger friend Dalillah Ismail who writes at Aveil of Modesty also joined in the fun on that rainy Saturday morning. 

The nature of creating LS prints is that Lully aka Huda and Selma will always start off drawing motifs or painting on canvases. Once ready, we will work on the prints digitally on softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. 

Thus for the workshop, we would like the participants to experience their innate ability to express their creativity through painting, which is a process we personally enjoy most.

We started by showing them the inspirations for the collection as well as the vibes and colours that we would be using to create the prints. These visual boards are pasted on the walls around, getting them in the right kinda mood to start their masterpieces.

Next, I did a demonstration on how they can start off their idea in relevance to the theme. Masking out partitions with tape, blending colours and adding mark making using a highlight colour.

Here, a participant Hanney masked out areas with these cool stripes!

Once they are ready, we gave them the materials and paints. Here we have a limited colour palette but we are sure that each artwork will turn out unique!

In the zone....

Halfway through, they enjoyed the buffet spread prepared by The Mad Sailors. Their curried mussels and marmite chicken wings were so delicious! Iced tea and brownies as well!

Here, Saiful painted waves...

A cosy setting makes it easy to get to know the participants better!

 Lastly, their masterpieces!

Selb and I will be selecting one person's print to incorporate into the next collection, and he or she will win a piece of our new line of nautical street wear too!

Tough decision.....

- Lully -


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