#lullyslist | New tool!!

All along I've been creating the prints for Lully Selb the manual way which isn't so bad. However the problem comes when preparing digital files for the printers to get to work! Before getting a Wacom tablet, I've been using Macbook's trackpad to draw on photoshop. (There wasn't a mouse around and my fingers became quite sore after rounds of drawing).

We decided to get a Wacom tablet ever since we got increasingly overwhelming responds these past few months. Our hard work paid off thanks to our #lullyselbsquad who have been so supportive and purchased our recent Eid Collection - Blnk Canvs

Now that we have the Wacom Tablet, I've been exploring designs and having fun with this new tool! It really eases the process and it almost feels like I'm drawing on paper!

Here are some pictures of the processes of making the Black Corals shawl

I really enjoyed making this print! Black Corals shawl is available for pre order nowwwww 😁



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