Lully's List | Zumba Playlist

Hey guys, happy new year! We're almost through with the first week of 2016 so I hope you've been good with your resolutions so far. One of my resolutions this year is to be healthier and get back in shape. My favourite workouts have always been dancing so for this week's #lullyslist, I picked my favourite Zumba videos which are easy to follow.

The first on the list starts with a warm up, followed by 25 catchy tracks and ends with a cool down video. You don't have to do all of 25 videos at once of course! Feel free to skip a track if you're not feeling it and take quick breaks.

Some tips before you start the routine –  Do it at your own pace, modify the steps if you need lower intensity and always remember to warm up and cool down to prevent injuries.

To get the most of your workout, don't neglect what you're putting in your body as well:



 Enjoy your workout!



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