#selbsseries| 2 ways to style Lully Selb shawls

Hello everyone, as per requests by my Favourite girls of our lullyselbsquad, I’ve made a tutorial on how you can transform Lully Selb shawl into vest. I actually discovered this style some time back but ever since I got pregnant, this shawl turned vest covers my baby bump nicely. I can still wear my normal long sleeved Tshirt and this DIY vest covers all the right spots ( belly, boobs, butt ) hahah, the 3 Bs. Anyway ladies, I’m 33 weeks getting all heavy, pls don’t forget me in your prayers.

Enjoy the short easy steps to turn all ur shawls into vests! There are 2 ways of wearing it just by tying a knot. Multiply your wardrobe pieces for free. Yay!! 

Easy peasy right ? Here’s some photos to recap.

Look 1 - Vest length is shorter, knot is behind ur neck.

Look 2 - Long drapey vest. Knot is around your lower hip/butt area. Covers your thighs too! 

Have fun trying it out and tag us your photos #lullyselbsquad!

Take care,

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