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Its been a really busy week as we’re counting down to our big Anniversary Lully Selb Party happening on the 28th of May. Producing a collection and planning an event at the same time has its own challenges. Every other day, there is a problem to be solved and decisions to be made. But what keeps us going is the adrenaline rush and the excitement to reveal our Eid Collection.

This May, as we celebrate our first year Anniversary Party, we drew inspiration from how we ( Selb and Lully ) met each other. We were both art educators and we spent a lot of time with children, sharing with them the joy of drawing, painting, sculpting and so on. We collated photos and processes of our past childrens’ art works and admired how the lines, colours and patterns were so expressive. In this collection, the sillouhettes are kept simple, focusing on the strokes and patterns of the print.

Yesterday we were finalising on our photoshoot details and looks with our samples right in front of our eyes. We were also still thinking of a name for our collection and was bouncing ideas; FREEDOM …. PLAY.. FREEPLAY… We didn’t quite feel any of those so we carried on with our discussion. Minutes later, the perfect name just came out while we were having this conversation.

Selma: Lully, don’t you think we have too much white based styles and shawls for this collection?

Lully: Its alright, its fresh looking. Plus, we always start with a blank canvas.

Selma: YES !! BLANK CANVAS!!! how about that for the collection name?

Lully: Ah huh. I like it.

So yes….. we can’t wait to present to you -

                Eid 2016 - ’ Blank Canvas ’


These are the moments I truly enjoy.

See you at our LS Party! Dont forget to RSVP via email;


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