#lullyslist | Yayoi Kusama is in town!

My favorite Japanese artist’s works is in town! I was so thrilled when National Gallery Singapore posted about the exhibition many months back. Due to the overwhelming amount of visitors, I decided to go on a Monday morning with my nephew. Just a day before my birthday!

Everything on display makes Instagram worthy pictures. Apart from the 20 seconds only special Infinity Room, my eyes were shooting hearts when I entered a room full of her paintings. Obsessed! I can never explain enough about her practice. Scroll down below to watch  great video by Tate on her artistic obsession.

These picture doesn’t do justice! You have to go and experience it yourself! Exhibition runs through 3rd December.


As some of you might have known, somedays I make art with kids at Seedz Studio. Adults can attend toooo! We made Yayoi Kusama inspired artwoks!


Patterns crazy. Can you spot the image of Super Trees, one of Singapore’s places of attractions covered in dots?!

Since National Day is coming, Selb and I decided to hold a workshop on 12 August for 15 pax only. Join us and get inspired as we go through the process of creating our very own Singapore Shawl. More details of the workshop here.

Hope to see you particpants next week!

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