#lullyslist | Day trip to JB

I’ve not been to Johor Bahru in the longest time ever! For this day trip, we went cafe hopping. Apparently the hipster area along Jalan Dhoby are just walking distance behind JB Central/ City Square.

My friends and I had the most dense nitrogen ice cream from The Ice Cream Project.

The heat was slightly unbearable so the ice cream was a great cooler! Next we had the best JB chicken chop! The handmade wedges was  one of a kind! You can either choose grilled or fried chicken chop with mushroom or black pepper sauce. Served with two sunny side up! We were too hungry that we forgot to take a picture of it! I will definitely go back just for the chicken chop!

Bakery is 79 years old! We came at around 3pm and the bakes are almost gone. Missed out on their assorted variety of bread.

Next, we had fancy bubbletea at a container joint; Chaiwalla and Co. How can I not resist Iced Chai latte!

The highlight of it all is Flowes In the Window Cafe! It’s a must to visit this quaint cafe. The interior is filled with dried flowers and planters. Their retro furniture makes it very homey and nostalgic.

A very welcoming entrance!

Look at those cakes! We were spoilt for choice.

We had Violet tea paired with Lavender Lemon Blueberry butter cake. Citrusy and fruit explosion in your mouth!

The perks of having partners and friends who can take good photos of you-look at those details! No filter, good light is all you need. That’s a close up of Lully Selb’s plant shawl and drip details from our shirt dress. Should we bring back more shirt dress?! Yes or yes?!

Last stop was at Kilang Batteri. It really used to be a battery factory and  it is now a hipster place with lots of food and fancy drinks. The retail area was a-okay. Lots of streetwear for the guys. As for the ladies, you can expect to see lots of shawls, blouses, skirts and pants. The selection of choices are quite similar between the shops. But what attracted me was a shop that sells pre-loved shoes. Lots of dr martens, clarks and some sneakers.

And the last photo to wrap up the trip….

I’m actually looking forward to my next KL trip with my peeps! Till next time!


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