#lullyslist | 3 takeaways of 2016

December is here and the team is getting busier in the next few weeks. It has been an exciting journey with a fair share of tough times for the LS team. I decided to sit through the morning and reflect on 3 things I’ve learnt this year.

1. Managing expectations. Positivity is a choice.

Emotions are triggered by perspectives. Every disappointment and sadness that I’ve felt, I tried to ponder on what made me felt that way. Then, I will think of what I can do to make myself feel better; doing dzhikir works everytime. As for the good memories, it goes into the happy jar which you can make your own.

2. Consistent effort. Practice what you study. Study what you practice.

It takes a good eye for details and colours when making prints. I truly enjoy the process. However, there are times where some prints didn’t make the cut. As the LS team always have to consider trends and decide which prints are sellable. Nonetheless, it  takes a lot of effort and time to practice one’s craft; these valuable time are held sacred.

3.  Believe in your brand. Trust your expertise.

That saying ‘First impression counts’ never gets old. From the way one introduces oneself and confidently shares about one’s craft or ideas makes or break an impression. #Bossbabe is a great platform to learn how to expedite success for your online business or personal brand. Simply visit their instagram account for a quick boost of inspiration.

Yesssssss you can beat and overcome any limitations!


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