#lullyslist | 3 secrets about me and 3 things I regret not doing before 30!

I have just turned 30 years old on 4 July. What's good about it? Feeling grateful and blessed for everything that has happened. I'm at peace with myself. On a lighter note, here are 3 secrets about me and 3 things I regretted not doing before turning 30.

Secret #1

I dreamt of becoming part of Beyonce's dancers and perform during her tours.

Secret #2

My sense of balance is terrible. I think I can ride the bicycle, I'm just scared of littlest things like riding down the kerb. My most embarrassing moments during a school camp was when I shook the whole swinging bridge( high obstacle course) after stepping on 2 loose planks. I just couldn't stay still!

Secret #3

Recently, I got matched make on first day of Eid. I was super shy when my family and relatives learnt about it! This candidate for my soulmate thingy got my insides feeling all fuzzy and warm. We shall see if he's the one for me!

3 things I regretted not doing before turning 30

1) Financial planning! I had to learn the hard way. I wished I started saving earlier. No stress though, seek knowledge, work out what's the best plan to save for major milestones in my life. What's important now and how am I going to work towards my goal. God willing!

2) My health - from exercising more and making wise decisions on healthy eating. I don't want to grow older and be like, " Makcik, you give up on yourself already? " Losing body fat percentage is hard. Being unhappy by not putting enough effort is hard. Choose your hard. That's just some motivation thoughts that keeps me focus and to commit one day at a time. 

3) Giving up on sewing lessons from my father during my younger days. Yes he knows how to! Maybe partly because I know myself better- I don't have the patience to practice sewing neatly. Seriously?! Let's get back at it! 

Writing this blog made me reflect on myself and to strive doing my best one day at a time. Every time when it gets hard, ask yourself.."What does your heart beats for?" Set aside me time doing things that you like! 

I'm excited for what's to come in the next few months! New prints of course! As for now, go grab our limited edition Moody Graphic Shawls series! We won't be restocking them! 

Till next time,



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