#lullyslist | Good vibes only.

It's my first blog for the year, mid January and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed.  Our body absorbs energy around us. Just like when we are stuck in a noisy and crowded place, the last thing on our mind is to escape to somewhere quiet.

This year I would like to conserve my energy by practising mindfulness. 

 Photo credit: Spiritual Creative 

I also feel the need to be mindful of how I spend my time;pockets of time during commute, quality dates with my loved ones,designing prints and creating art. What about the me time? See, how can I give my best focus to do my tasks and still being able to exercise and getting enough sleep. We will never have enough time right? 

With the new notepad we launched for #LSLife it helps me to stay on track. Each person has different styles of working. I try not to fill it with too many tasks on the list as it will make me feel overwhelmed. I would list abt 3-5 tasks and crossing them off before adding new tasks. 

Here are my goals and this is what I need to do to achieve them.

1. Lower down body fat percentage 

- Drink 3 litres of water everyday (I'm using our new bottle!)

- Eat less & work out more

- Get enough sleep 


2. Get work done earlier

- Create a better schedule

- Do work for 45 minutes straight, rest and repeat

- Spend less time scrolling through instagram!


3. Create more art

- Think of new ideas during commute

- Draw/Paint daily

- Stay inspired by going to art galleries

If you missed the art week last few weeks, check out other events such as Singapore Biennale happens once every 5 years. This year the exhibition spread across 5 venues. Shuttle bus is available during the weekends. 

There's also another exhibition titled Living with Ink at Art Civilisation Museum. I'm already very excited to check out this one! More pictures in my next time! I shall end my blog with these sneak peek of our new prints. You can also look forward to our next bundle sale happening soon! 



 Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a productive year ahead and remember to practice self care by conserving all of your energies to things that gives you a peace of mind. Good Vibes only!


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