Lully's List | My favourite workout apps

For this week’s #lullyslist I’ll be sharing three workout apps which are worth downloading especially if you prefer to do your workouts at home.

1. My ultimate favourite workout app at the moment is Sworkit Lite! The visuals are great with a clean and minimal interface..what’s not to like?!

Choose from a variety of workouts from light cardio to intense. You can even customize for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training- quick short workouts with fewer rest intervals- definitely beats an hour of cardio and burns lots of fat!) to increase your level of intensity.

You can also stream workout playlists from Spotify! You can still hear the instructor’s voice clearly while playing the songs.

2. Bikini Abs. 3 things I love about this app are the free 10 workout videos and you can unlock another 10 workout videos for only usd 99cents; crunchless abs workouts; and the 30 days challenge calender!

3. Only got 7 mins to spare to do your workouts? Download this app. Seven.

The cutest option I came across this app is that you can choose the voice of your announcer!!I’m totally feeling being a discipline of Ip Man! 

I’m definitely going back to these apps to have variety in my workout! Good luck working out and remember to have fun!


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